Do we rely too much on movies?

May the one who dared go swimming into the ocean right after watching Jaws cast the first stone. I think it takes for the average human being, even the most skeptical and realistic one, at least two weeks before having the guts to go back in the water. What is that about? Despite all the obvious scientific proofs, why do we still believe a director more than a doctor?

Sure the horror movies are the golden examples. I personally would NEVER rent a small cabin in the middle of the woods with my group of friends. Especially if one of them is hot and confident, another is dumb and geeky, and the last one is a bimbo. But this reliance on fictional adventures is also accurate concerning other sorts of movies.

“Waouh, I didn’t know prisons were that flexible! I mean, Piper Chapman can read, hang out with her jail buddies, have sex and everything!”

“Yeah, maybe the American prisons, but hell, I hope I would never go to jails in Turkey. Have you seen Midnight Express?”

Yes, directors and scriptwriters have certainly done several researches about the subject. But come on.

And what about the grand romantic gestures? You can’t even count those in the myriad of romantic comedies released every month. No girl, the guy will not chase you at the airport, so if you want to be with him, just don’t leave the state! And no, he will not either organize a giant flash mob at the New York Grand Central. No, she will not come and find you in your “special place” after you ignored her calls for two weeks. Boy, my references are awful. Please don’t check them out if you don’t know those movies.

So let’s try to rely less on fiction and really focus on the real experiences. Otherwise we will only be limited and disappointed. Duh.


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