11 reasons why you must come to our next show

If you were not present last Friday to our show, here is why you should come to the next one:

1. You missed two guys naked under their togas, so who knows what can happen next month?

2. You will get the chance to talk to the artists after the show (and when does that ever happen?).

3. The bar Martin Corner has delicious cheap beer.

4. You will be listened to and applauded during the open mic (you’ll be a rock star)!


5. You have the opportunity to start an amazing second year of our show.

6. And maybe finish that year with us.

7. You will hear great stories (obviously).

8. And who knows, maybe you’ll find love.

9. Or go home alone but hey, that’s life.

10. You can have great cheap Mexican food after (or before. Or before and after because let’s face it, Mexican food is the best).

11. In short, you will have an awesome time.






One thought on “11 reasons why you must come to our next show

  1. Seriously, who is that guy? He has a fine ass. I think I am going to go to the show to meet him.



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