Ode to America

Lots of things are very striking for a foreigner. When you start to live in another country, you notice everyday habits and certain behaviors. They are insignificant in the eyes of the resident, but fundamentally fascinating for the foreigner.

As for me, an ocean separates my home and America. Though France and the USA have undeniable similarities, one particularity of American culture surprised me.

I have the feeling that people express themselves without fear of judgment. In America confidence is easier than in France where everyone wants to point out any embarrassing fact concerning one that dares to speak in public. I noticed that when I went to an art exhibit, students explained their art to the class; it was so natural, direct and fearless. I was impressed by this great capacity to speak to a crowd, exposing intimate feelings, shameless and pride in one’s achievement.

Having the possibility to expose ones feelings and opinions without being judged but well respected is so far one of the best American values I’ve experienced.

Please perpetuate this great freedom of speech.





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